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Re: Want to do a new build using the HiVi L6-4R, help??

Thu Apr 16, 2015 1:26 pm

hthale wrote:
I would actually be interested in both the MTM and the TM.

Sorry, 9 days later :oops: . Here you go, MLTL cabinets as designed by Paul Kittenger....

This is the TM, which I haven't built yet but would LOVE to hear this side-by-side with the MTM. I actually prefer the TM sound to the Blues MTM in the standard bookshelf cabinets, but most others actually prefer the MTM to the TM.
The ML-TL cabinet I modeled for the TM using the HiVi L6-4R has internal dimensions of 7.5"W x 7.5"D x 40"H. The woofer and tweeter are located on the baffle both horizontally and vertically exactly as they are for the vented TM so that the crossover works properly.

The port's center is located 3.5" above the internal bottom, and the port has a diameter of 3" and a length of 5" (port does not have or need flares on either end). The port can be located on the baffle or rear panel. The top 20" of the cabinet are stuffed at a uniform density of 1 lb/ft3, requiring 9-10 ounce of polyester fiber. You can use loose fiber like Polyfil from Walmart or Acousta Stuf.

The overall system tuning frequency is 40 to 41 Hz.

MTM ML/TL cabinets... Internal dimensions 7.5"w x 13"d x 46" tall. For driver layout, put the tweeter 11.25" down from the top of the cabinet, centered in the front baffle. Then I have 1/4" between the tweeter and the woofers.

Quote from Paul Kittenger after he modeled the cabinet dims for me...
You can see f3 is 40 Hz and this baby will really crank--about 109 dB SPL for a 45-watt input--without killing the drivers.

I concur, they do crank 8-) . What I don't remember is the port size for the MTM and I'm at work right now. If I remember, I'll measure and post tonight when I get home. There's also some info on stuffing, if you're going to build these, I can find that as well. IIRC, the MTM was 16 OZ pillow stuffing in the top 24" of the cabinet.

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