Trying to get input on next build

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Re: Trying to get input on next build

Post by bullittstang » Thu Mar 06, 2014 5:11 pm

Thanks so much for the reply and would appreciate you spreading the word about us "newbie's" in Texas. I think it would be great to find a group in my area and make some contacts. I was "tongue and cheek" with the "engineer" comment.Reading through the build guides that people have posted, it is very clear that they/we are from all walks of life, myself a Sales Rep, and I agree with you, makes this hobby that much more creative and interesting.
I look forward to learning a lot more about building speakers, just as I anticipate my wood working and cabinet skills increasing. What other hobby can increase your knowledge in two fantastic skills.

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Re: Trying to get input on next build

Post by tcc » Fri Mar 07, 2014 1:22 am

Don't know what part of Texas you are in (might have glossed that over?)

LSAF[url]] is here May 2nd-4th (I think?) There are a handful of DIY guys, a few DIY guys trying to sell their stuff, and some boutique guys that all get together for a fun weekend. It is in a hotel in Addison and basically there are one or two floors that are reserved plus a lot of the ball rooms. It is worth the trip if you are close.

I have lived here in the DFW area for about 10 years and have not lucked into any DIY get togethers other than that. I do know there are a ton here, plus a lot in the Austin area. Tin Ears is in Far South Tejas.

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Re: Trying to get input on next build

Post by mattsk8 » Tue Mar 11, 2014 2:29 pm

johnnyrichards wrote:
bullittstang wrote:Why are so many of you DIY speaker builders and designers located in the North? Is that were all the engineers live or something?
My theory is that is where the two "big dogs" of DIY retail are situated - Madisound and Parts Express. Meniscus is also "up north" and they are also a serious player. Zalytron is in New York. Solen is in Canada. I think the roots of DIY culture are just deeper - not because we are better at it, or more intuitively drawn to it or any other individual reasons, I just think accessibility was more widespread pre-internet, and even for some time after the advent of internet sales.

If I had not found a list of vendors in the back of a Weems book almost 20 years ago, I would not have heard of almost any of the vendors outside of Radio Shack.

P.S. - most of us in this hobby are not engineers, and many of us are not even employed in any kind of "technical" position. Truck drivers, warehouse workers, construction workers, accountants, lawyers, assembly line workers, unemployed full time students (moi), kids, retirees - I believe virtually the entire spectrum of employment is represented in our hobby - which is the reason it is so fascinating.

Next time I chat with one of the Texas folk, I will send him over this way. They have regular, small get togethers down there, in addition to a bigger event called Lone Star Audio Fest which features DIY and commercial stuff.
Everything Johnny said, plus what else is there to do in during this miserable winter besides have some beers and build some speakers??

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