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Fri Apr 11, 2014 5:56 pm

Finally got around to making an [url=""]idea[/url], reality. JR and I will be updating and maintaining the site and the social media outlets. Not positive where we will go with this but for now we're building it up as a Midwest DIY event info and archive site. Suggestions are fact we encourage folks to send us comments and suggestions as we want this whole idea to complement the growth of the DIY Audio community with the focus (obviously) being the Midwest region. There's a reason for this since I try my best to get to all the Midwest shows and gather the media (pics, video, streaming, etc). JR will be showing up at a lot more shows as well so be prepared for absolute mayhem. :p

Stop by and take a look. We've got hundreds of pictures loaded from shows back to 2011. Soon we'll add some short videos and hopefully at some point soon we will embed a page where the live video streaming from future shows can be watched.

Check it out:


We also have a facebook page that will announce site updates and host some pics, comments and discussion. If you're on facebook, please "like" our page and spread the word to anyone who might be interested. This, IMO, is a great resource for DIY Audio newcomers who want to get an idea of what past shows look like without having to fumble around with goofy web or forum searches for all the fragmented info.

Bryan K.

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