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amplifier matching in an active system

Fri Aug 19, 2016 10:53 am

Hello, I'm a new member today. Let me introduce myself. I am Dale and I am retired from the work force and now enjoying more of the things that I have enjoyed before retirement. Art, listening to music, working in the yard, traveling and building speakers. I recently lost a good friend [sadly passed away] and speaker guidance counselor who help me build my last speaker project. Unfortunately I did not learn enough from him so I am in need of some help on my new speaker project. The speaker system will be a 4 box design, with an active crossover. the crossover and boxes have been optimised with a leap program byTom Robert's. The driver's will be all SEAS EXCEL. One cabinet will house 4 - W15CY-001's  for the mid range with 1- T25CF-002 tweeter in a MMTMM array and another box housing 4- W26FX-001's for the woofer section in a WWWW array. The crossover will be a MARCHAND XM44. The amplification for the woofers and midrange drivers will be PLINIUS SA-250's one for the woofer's and one for the midrange . My question is the tweeter has a sensitivity of 89db with a long term power of 90 watts and the midwoofers have a combined sensitivity of 92db with a long term power rating for each driver  of 70 watts, would that mean that the combined long term power rating for the 4 would be 280 watts?  There is a 3db difference between the the midrange and tweeter would that mean that the tweeter would require a 125 watt amplifier for equal power distribution? Oh the multiple drivers will be series/ parallel  circuit, so the amps will see an 8ohm load. So if one of you could help me here I would appreciate it. Thank You, Dale

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