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Monitor rebuild advice

Mon Dec 05, 2016 9:46 am

Hi new to the forum and could use some advice on how to best make use of a damaged speaker.
I own a pair of Focal solo6be's which were given to me as a gift. On one speaker the tweeter worked but not the mid. A friend took a look at them and identified a damaged component on the circuit board that was responsible. The component that was damaged (Not sure what it was exactly) was difficult to source so I put it in storage for quite awhile until I could take it somewhere to be fixed. Unfortunately  while in storage the speaker became infested with cockroaches who destroyed the circuit board but have otherwise left the drivers undamaged. A speaker repair store I took it to informed me that the crossover and amp weren't salvageable  and that my two best options were to pay around 800$ AUD for an entirely new back-plate, amp and crossover from Focal. Or, buy an amplifier, build new back-plates and crossovers for the speakers and leave them as passive speakers.
I don't have any experience building speakers but hope to build a PA system in the near future so I don't mind taking the time to learn whats necessary. So my question is, are there any other viable options besides the two I've mentioned? Firstly I was wondering if it would be possible to find a set of powered monitors with the same power output for each driver and a similar crossover and use the components to refurbish the Focal's. Or, alternatively build an entirely new crossover + amps for each channel.
I'm not completely opposed to converting them to passive speakers however, as I'm using them on a desktop I'd much prefer to use a set of active monitors simply due to a lack of space. I don't really have 800$ AUD to be throwing at fixing the speaker (Unfortunately) but I'd really like to see them both operating again as I love the sound of the one that still functions.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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