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Thanks Meniscus!

Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:52 pm

Fellow forum members and audio enthusiasts, I wanted to write a quick note about Meniscus and their phenomenal service. I have a pair of Legacy Audio Monitors I bought about 20 years ago or so. A few Christmas's ago I lost both drivers. How? It is still a mystery but I hypothesize that it was my adult children driving my Sony ES equipment to max at a party (or the inherent spike from removing the audio cable as they changed phones!). Anyway I called Legacy and spoke to Bill Dudleston about replacing the kevlar focal drivers. He told me they were not made anymore and the product as a little out of warrantee but to try Meniscus Audio. So I reached out to Mark and who stated "No problem"! These Focal speakers have a dual voice coil and was way above my pay grade to make the change. I finally got around to shipping them out and just heard they are on the way back home. Meniscus replaced both voice coils and the rubber surround. Took a bit of time for them to source the parts needed but I am certain I will be thrilled with the result. Especially with a personal recommendation from the owner of Legacy. Will fill you in on the result as soon as get things back together. But wanted to send a big thank you to Mark and others at Meniscus in doing what was near impossible.

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