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My DIY projects "J&N"

Wed Jun 07, 2017 9:54 am

A model of my DIY loudspeakers i have served Ti6k- JBL. My first contact with
them, was in distant 2005.
I started working with them in 2009 and finished in 2012.
The loudspeakers are "SEAS"- Excel / Tw-1”, Mw-5”for center 2? 5.5”,Bass-8,5”/ and cross-over parts- "Intertechnik".

Nominal impedance- 8 OhFreguency Range 30Hz-20kHzCharacterstic Sensitivity(2,83V/1m)- 87db
Long Term-110W.
Have are some pictures, if there is interest, i will continue.

[color=#141414]In order to save time, I will allow myself a clarification-
Everything in this project-idea, design filters the overall workmanship of the cabinets to the last detail was done by my hands.[/color]

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