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InDIYana 2018 dates confirmed!!

Thu Dec 28, 2017 1:03 pm

I'll be updating the website in the near future, but the dates are April 27/28, 2018 for the next InDIYana speaker building event. We will be at the Hampton Inn on Dupont Road again this year.

Come if you can, and please let me know if you are. Refer to the earlier talks about what is okay to enter and what is not. Here is the link to the original discussion:

Voluntary theme for those who want to enter (not required, bring what you want to):

Keeping up with the Jones's: Andrew Jones, that is. Along with the likes of TAD, ELAC, Tannoy, KEF, SEAS, and Insignia(Image); Use a Coax MT and a woofer from 6.5-10" in size and design a fairly untapped DIY market design. <$200 per coax, and <$150 for the woofer- each. $300 limit per cab. Stand mount preferred but not required, 2ft^3 or less. I left the cab limit at $300, so if you want to spend more on the coax, you have to spend less on the woofers. I think that's fair.

Hope to see you!

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