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Is this a good theme for InDIYana 2013? (Tentative attendees only)

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Some theoretics... Possible InDIYana 2013 theme builds...

Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:01 am

-Let's say you get your hands on a woofer and tweeter that are less than $35 each, or $70 or less for drivers per channel. This is a regular cost price, not a buyout price. Keep total driver/xover cost under $150/pair.
-Let's also say I will not allow revealing what these drivers are, and build them into a design with limited visibility so as to not allow any judgements of drivers used, ie- grills are mandatory!
-Let's also state that within a certain size cabinet, anything can be used as a possibility to get the best sound possible. Please utilize a 2-way philosophy.
-These will be limited to a bookshelf cabinet size, and have to be 12 ltrs or less.
-Have a list of costs added; stated as follows, retaining anonymity:
Tweeters $ = ______
Woofer $ = ________
Xover $ = _________
Total $ = _________

-These have to be painted/finished black in a basic rectangular prism, edge treatment optional.

I present to you the "Basic-Black-Box, Cheap Challenge".

I just got to be thinking ahead about this, and wanted to entice what should be the theme this time around, and allow time for construction. The subjective vote will be for best overall presentation of sound, no more, no less.

Attendees can submit projects that do not adhere to this challenge, but note the subjective winner will get first crack at the door prize table.

Event is tentative mid-April.

Buy your drivers where you want, but I'm sure Meniscus would not mind you buying your drivers here.

12 ltrs or any volume measurement when we are talking speakers is usually internal box volume, including braces. At this size, bracing may not be as necessary as you think; be creative.
OB would not be excluded, but the OB would need to be contained within the 12 ltrs allowance. IE- you can't make a 12 ltr box and have an open-back driver atop it. The open-back portion would be required to operate within the volume dimension. I would prefer keep the ports inside the total 12 ltr volume as well.
Leveling with you- Internal 12 ltrs encompasses the size of the project. Period.

So process:

-Draw up a box that has 12 ltrs internally.
-Cram whatever you want within the guidelines into said drawn box.
-Bring to the event to be critiqued.

Simple enough? :mrgreen: 8-) Image

See more Q/A here: ... eme-builds
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Re: Some theoretics... Possible InDIYana 2013 theme builds..

Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:12 am

Sounds like this is a go thus far. ~20 people interested on another forum in competing subjectively within these guidelines.

If you have any questions, please let me know,

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