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Kairos build questions

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 7:27 pm
by JimM
I am starting a Kairos build and have at least two questions;
1. I would like to make the cabinet 1 inch wider on the front top and back, ½ inch wider on all sides. The internal dimensions and speaker locations would be to the plans. Would this effect the radiation pattern, crossover, or baffle stop parameters. In the past I have had good luck combining ¾ plus ½ inch (glued) using total panel thickness of 1 1/4 inch to control panel resonance, I also capture the braces with the ½ inch thickness panel. Where I live it very hard to get good plywood and forget Baltic birch.
2. The other question I have is the plans discuss stuffing, but the kit only comes with dacron sheets. I do have some acousticstuff, is the stuffing necessary or is the dacron sufficient or would it be better to do both. At this point I have not decided to go with sealed or vented as I will also be building the bass module leaning to sealed, for Kairos and vented for bass.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as this will probably be my last speaker build. Also I want to express my thanks and appreciation to Jeff B for his software and contribution to the DIY community, a true gentleman.

Re: Kairos build questions

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:33 pm
by JimM
I got my rely from Jeff, no problem on cabinet questions and recommended sealed for Kairos. Also use the Dacron sheeting that came with kit.
I also need to do a shout out to Mark the kits are excellent, parts are first class, shipping and instructions are very good. The drivers are some of the best I have purchased including some good seas drivers. And the best is the pricing, it is fair and can't be beat for what you get.