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Version 1.501 - New driver filter UI and user requested UI changes

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:22 pm
by dlr
Version 1.501 - New driver filter UI and user requested UI changes

The driver filter UI has been changed to use two controls instead of one. This separates selection of crossover type and slope.

Other changes to the UI cover several requests made in the forum here and elsewhere. The window size can now be increased for the problem found in Windows 10 that caused scroll bars to appear and require constant change during use. A window close dialog opens on exit so that it can't be accidentally closed. The System window has an option to keep it on top of other windows. Other changes are listed at my web site.


Re: Version release v1.510 - Polar response improvements, UI changes and small bug fixes

Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:25 pm
by dlr
v1.510 changes:

Has a bug fix for 3-ways with a midrange having higher order highpass that truncated the summed response if the midrange low end went down to 0db.

The polar response section is improved to more accurately reflect the off-axis response. Please read the Help provided carefully. It's important to follow the instructions if you direct measurement files that are post-processed to be minimum-phase. The polar section will need to be filled in appropriately to get the correct on-axis response from measurements.

If you use direct measurements not post-processed (includes excess-phase), then the polar response section should be left alone. If you enable the polar section, both the off-axis will not be accurate, but more importantly, the on-axis will not be correct, either. Excess-phase files are good for one point in space only, the measurement point.

If you use SPL traced files (minimum-phase) , the Reference Angles should be left at 0, since traced files usually are derived from individual driver on-axis response curves, but all other polar  setup values should be entered and used.

Details are in the Help of the program and at the WinPCD web site, but to point it out here, the driver diameters are never required, but help to provide more a better indication of the off-axis. If they are left at zero, the off-axis only shows the crossover effects.

Version release v1.513 (UI responsiveness), 5 Jan 2018

Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 10:27 pm
by dlr
Prior to this release the user interface locked up when the polar calculations were being made. No windows could be opened or moved, even the polar window would accept no user input. There was a single thread.

With this release the user can now open, move or close windows to include the polar plot window. Controls that affect the calculations cannot be changed, however, because this would interfere with the polar plot calculations. The polar plot window can be closed prematurely and the settings will all reset to what they were before calling the polar plot.

While coding these changes I noticed that there was some error in the off-axis response. The farther off-axis the mic angle, the more error occurred in the calculations. That has been corrected and I think that the off-axis calculations are now accurate. Keep in mind, however, that the off-axis has two components, the change in delay from each driver due to different distance and the change in each driver due to  the off-axis response change. The latter is a calculated change based on the basic assumption of a flat radiator. It's not accurate (and possibly worse than reality), but it provides a basic idea of the change with angle.


WinPCD v1.514 - Export to file from graph right-click context & WinGraph v1.002 change

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:26 am
by dlr
Two programs have minor changes. 

WinPCD: All graphs have a right-click context menu for various operations, most built into the graph software used. I added export commands for SPL and impedance complex data. However, I recently found that I exported the wrong element for filters, SPL and impedance magnitude were good. These are used a bit differently in the program, so the export was not correct. It now is.

WinGraph: Complex data files with negative magnitudes are now accepted. The graph also auto-scales on file read.


WinPCD v1.516 - Session file save/restore bug fix

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 4:36 pm
by dlr
Version 1.514 had a serious bug that was fixed in 1.515. Right after that was released I received a report that the filter settings weren't saved correctly. A fix has been made and is available to download (v1.516). This goes back to when I created WinFilters. Session files for PCD & WinPCD are compatible, both ways. The only consideration is that PCD session files (of course) don't have the additional data that goes into WinPCD session files. You can open a PCD session with WinPCD and makes changes for the extra data such as a few additional circuit elements, descriptions, etc. The one difference is that the target may not be correct in WinPCD because I added additional ones and needed to change the numbering scheme that is saved for them.

The change was needed to separate the target type (L-R, Butterworth, Bessel) from the order number. In PCD that is a combined text string and I wanted them separated. The Visual Studio solution has shared projects, one the base. It looks like when I made this change I neglected to fully update WinPCD for the session files.

In fixing this, I found that a line of code that prevented the complete loading of a session file in some cases having to do with the default directory. That has been fixed and will, I hope, allow all old PCD session files to finish loading in that case.