Speedster TMM or Swope Tower? please help

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Speedster TMM or Swope Tower? please help

Post by daniel4381 » Sun Aug 17, 2014 8:54 am

I am confused about my 1st DIY project. I am presently using b*se Acoustimass 10 for enjoying movie with a Onkyo NR727 receiver. I had b*se 701 that was run by Yamaha RXV595. I was not satisfied with the sound of b*se 701, so I sold that and kept the Yamaha amp for further use. Now I am considering building a pair of speaker as stereo setup. I also have a active sub Yamaha YST SW160. My room size is 16 ft length x 14 ft width x 11 ft height and distance of listening position from the speaker is 12 ft along the length of the room. I need a speaker that is suitable for enjoying classical music (classical and instrumental) where there is very clear high, mid range and reasonable low but not harsh and listening fatigue, sound-stage and imaging are also important to me. I have a limited budget (500$ maximum, kits only without cabinet). Also I like tower speakers.
I was considering Speedster TMM or Swope Tower, but I am getting confused about the sound performance of the ribbon tweeter. I have some musics that are MP3 or old record. As I know that ribbon tweeters are not good for listening old records and MP3. Some one please suggest me whether I should choose something else that fulfills my requirements or go ahead with the Speedster TMM.

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Re: Speedster TMM or Swope Tower? please help

Post by Mike220 » Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:46 pm

I have not heard the Swope Towers but recently built a pair of Speedster TMM's. I will say I am very impressed with the Speedster TMM's. You can find my build on PETT but I won't link it here out of respect for Meniscus - I do have the same user name so it's easy to find. I couldn't find much of any "reviews" of the TMM's either so I took a chance since I really wanted to have a build with a ribbon. I most certainly do not regret the decision to purchase the TMM's. These are very smooth sounding speakers they are not harsh or shouty at all plus no sizzle at the top end either. I know smooth is probably a horrible descriptive word for speakers but it transitions from low/mid/high seamlessly. I've had quite a few 3-way speakers at my home for extended periods (Tarkus/Finalists/DCR's/Schumakubin MK2's) and the TMM's don't have the all out SPL and powerhandling of these much larger builds I don't feel like im missing anything aside from the very low end (sub bass) The TL designs for me and in my room's help me "feel" the low end without have to crank the volume/bass up. I imaging is fantastic with left and right separation as well as the towers simply disappearing in the room. They have more low end then they should for 4" drivers, they look pretty sexy, they are an easy build and pretty nice on the pocket book.

You have a sub so it probably wouldn't matter what build you pick. Hopefully this helps you narrow down your search. Hopefully someone can chime in that has heard the swope towers.

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