my argument for subwoofers

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my argument for subwoofers

Post by osd1 » Fri Apr 12, 2013 2:27 pm

hey now.

now before i start this i just wanna say in no way am i starting debate. just stating why i do what i do and wondering if there are any tips to make what im doing better.

the number one reason why i like subwoofers- midrange is the most important part of sound to me. too many times i find the woofers that have great bass output and dig real low (low 20s) have an ok midrange. if i can get a speaker to play to 50hz or 55hz and get a much more lush midrange im all for it. if i could get a driver that plays down to 70hz with an amazing midrange and partner it with 2 subs and integrate it so i cant tell where the bass is coming from id do it. but i just dont have the finesse yet to pull that off yet. im always able to tell where its coming from.

the number 2 reason is i have much more flexability with 2 subs. i can turn it off when i dont need them. i can adjust it so i can have chest pounding movie theater bass or nice and tight for that double bass drum. sometimes your only option with certain speakers is tone control. its not that the speaker set up sucks, its that the recording does.

theres a million ways to skin a cat. its like at work- doesnt matter if i cope crown molding with a jig saw or with a coping saw. some guys even use a table saw. as long as the end result is a good thing then it shouldnt matter. if you want good sound shouldnt matter how its done. sub woofer or classic huge butt head 3 way speakers. as long as the end result is good.

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