The Blues speaker kits

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The Blues speaker kits

Post by mattsk8 » Tue Sep 09, 2014 2:01 pm

Figured I'd start a thread that would make it easy for anyone interested in these. This all started here, when I wanted to do a build using the hot looking HiVi L6-4R woofer: Obviously I was impressed with that woofer :lol: .

My first build was a TM monitor speaker. As far as SQ, these play very loud while still maintaining very respectable SQ. All of them have very realistic, detailed, and warm midrange while maintaining a respectable soundstage.

Kit: ... -1421.html
Pic of the speaker in a Dayton Audio .5cf cabinet:

Once my cousin heard the TM, he was sold and wanted some for himself; only he wanted a pair that delivered a bit more on the bottom end. That's when the Blues MTM bookshelf was conceived. These present the same warm, beautiful midrange as the TM, but deliver a bit more in the bass arena.
Kit (these are sold individually): ... -1429.html
Pic of the speaker in a Dayton Audio 1.0cf cabinet:

Then, loving these so much, I decided I needed some for my shop. While the MTM bookshelf does deliver respectable low end, I wanted as full range as I could get because I didn't plan on using a sub. I contacted Paul Kittenger, and through his incredible cabinet design skills the Blues MTM ML/TL was born and I couldn't be happier (thank you very much Paul). If you're looking for a full range, cost effective pair of speakers and have the real estate in your room for towers (these are 47" tall), look no further 8-) . Unfortunately I haven't finished these yet, and probably won't for a little while because I'm so busy, and that would mean disassembling these which would also mean I wouldn't get to enjoy them. Eventually I'll get to it, and once I do I'll post some finished pics.

Pic of the Blues MTM ML/TL (uses the MTM kit linked above):

For dimensions of any of the cabinets for the kits above, contact Meniscus and they'll be glad to include those with the kit.

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