Advice on custom Statement II cabinet.

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Advice on custom Statement II cabinet.

Post by Caseyaustin84 » Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:22 pm

Hello all! I'm new to DIY audio, so please forgive me if it shows! ;D

I've ordered the parts needed to build a set of Statement II towers. (
I've read up on these speakers a lot and the main selling point was the rave reviews of the sound quality.

So just when I thought I had a game plan together on how I wanted to build and finish them, I stumble on this guy's build. ... uthorized)

I really, really like the aesthetics of his build, and having some decent woodworking skills and access to a full cabinetry workshop, I'd really like to do this for mine.

My concern is that altering the shape may affect the sound quality, which is my priority.

So... Questions:

1. Will using this design over the original make the sound worse? It's the same baffle and roughly the same volume, only the shape of the back of the box has changed.

2. In order to curve the MDF, I will need to cut kerfs in the back of the sheets. From there I will add another layer of 1/4" ply and veneer. So will the kerfs affect the resonance of the box? Should I fill them with bondo or some other filler? Or just leave them unfilled?

3. In your opinions, should I go for it or should I stick with the standard cabinet?

I appreciate the advice!!

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Re: Advice on custom Statement II cabinet.

Post by mattsk8 » Thu Apr 23, 2015 5:38 pm

That guy's cabinets are incredible, thanks for sharing!!

Curving the cabinets won't affect the SQ whatsoever, as long as you keep the same cubic air space, speaker layout, and front baffle dimensions the same as the original design (I think port location on these is critical as well).

That said, I'm not sure how he finished the insides, but there are a few different ways to bend the wood for a curved cabinet; I would definitely research different curved cabinet builds before diving in. I've done one pair of curved cabinets and it isn't an easy task at all. For the kerfs, I've considered either bondo, fiberglass resin, some sort of epoxy, even just TiteBond woodglue to fill them. Another alternative to that is to build using layers of thinner Baltic birch ply, which bends fairly easily (this is what I did).

Also, whether you're painting them or veneering the cabinets would also dictate the route I went. Wood joints on the exterior tend to eventually telegraph through the paint no matter what I do, I'm still searching for an answer to how to solve that problem. I've even considered a layer of fiberglass over the entire exterior of the cabinet.

Good luck and keep us posted on progress!!

Jim Holtz
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Re: Advice on custom Statement II cabinet.

Post by Jim Holtz » Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:44 am

Welcome to the Statements family! :D

Curt and I have both exchanged many emails with Deewan regarding his cabinet design. Yes, he is an extraordinary cabinet builder.

To answer your question, the Statements Remix as Deewan has named it, biggest change is going from a W-M-T-M-W driver configuration to a M-T-M-W-W which allows a reduced height. There have been other curved cabinet Statements that have all been sucessful with the original driver configuration.

Based on some other projects, we don't think the sound quality will be impacted but since we've not heard or measured the revision, there are no guarantees. Deewan is aware of that. Bass may be a bit different but nothing other than that should be suspect. Time will tell.

I hope you enjoy your Statements II's as much as I do.

Good luck with the build!


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