Preparing for Adelphos build, port and cab lining questions

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Preparing for Adelphos build, port and cab lining questions

Post by Luxrising » Thu Jan 21, 2016 12:27 am

Hello All,
I'm new to the forum and new to speaker building with only one build under my belt. I'll soon be ordering the Adelphos kit and I have a few questions that I'd like some clarity on before ordering.
It appears the kit comes with a cardboard port with a single external flared end. Unless not recommended, I'd prefer to substitute the stock port with a precision port. Seeing as the precision port has flares at both ends and a different (larger) external flare profile, do I need to alter the overall length of the port to maintain the specified tuning? If yes, what would the new port length be?
I also see that the kit comes with Dacron damping. Would it be advisable to line the cabinet walls with acoustic foam (or similar) in addition to the Dacron? If yes, suggestions for material and installation would be very much appreciated!
Thanks in advance for any help! I'm a decent woodworker with access to a full wood shop so cabinet construction is fairly straightforward for me but I'm entirely new to speaker design. I'm trying my best and pouring over everything I can but there is a ton to learn! Most importantly, I'm absolutely passionate about music and spend a lot of time listening. I'm really looking forward to building these speakers!

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Re: Preparing for Adelphos build, port and cab lining questi

Post by knifejames » Tue Jan 26, 2016 4:31 am

I have the Kairos kit. when I run test tones I can hear a vent noise in the low frequency.
this happens with all my builds where i have used a port without an internal flare.
I will swap the cardboard port I have in the kairos with something else at some stage.

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