New to Speaker building.

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New to Speaker building.

Post by JohnnyP » Wed Feb 17, 2016 6:05 pm

Hey guys so I want to build my own HT. I've been on some forums and have seen and read a lot of comments. Especially from some of you seasoned vets. My hats off to alot of you guys. REALLY. Im not afraid of trying new stuff and I figured DIY is the next step for me considering theres really not much to choose from locally. I know for a fact that I will spend more money building my own theater speakers than what I could buy at your local retailer. Im also well aware that this is something that will not be done overnight. Good thing im a patient person. I am also well aware that I could possibly be bitten by what some of you call "THE BUG". if that's the case then so be it. Im up for the challenge. I have most of the power tools already on hand since I had "FLIPPED" my house a few years back..The power tools are just collecting dust at this point and need to be let out to play.. :D. im not an electrical engineer and a lot of the lingo of what is spoken I do not really understand.....YET..but im sure with time ill begin to understand...I would appreciate any feedback and or advice in regards to some of the items I would like to heres go nothing...please be patient with me and explain to me like im a 5 year old.... :lol: :lol: :lol:
I would say im 25% music and 75% movies.

I will be using birch plywood to make any cabinets....polyurethane to glue everything together...poly fill etc....etc...

any opinions on MDF vs BIRCH??

im still undecided on the finish I want..thanks to you guys and the stuff you've made with different materials has made it extremely difficult.
options: veneer....con-tact paper....stain....or paint....I do want to add the high gloss look over whatever I choose.

Everything will be hooked up to this receiver ... ha+rx-a850

And I will be purchasing all speaker cables...hdmi...coaxial....subwoofer cables from BLUE JEAN CABLES.

I will also be using a panamax power conditioner....

please keep in mind this is my first build and im on a budget...when I get practice and get comfortable then I will purchase better equipment. This is a poor mans setup...jajaja

these are what I had in mind for the Center Channel...the Main towers...and 2 sets of well as the subwoofer...

Option 1 ... --300-7097

Option 2 ... el-single/ ... -way-pair/ ... -way-pair/ ... --300-7097

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