Ordering plans: closed designs

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Ordering plans: closed designs

Post by samuli » Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:46 am


I have large subwoofers (about 8cu ft)  going under work: Mr. Stig Tangen´s allmighty subwoofers, based on JBL 2226H. My plan is to position 2-way DIY speakers on the top of these
large stereo subwoofers. I assume that sealed design would integrate & work best with large vented subs. I can use Hypex DLCP active crossover for lowpass and highpass.

I got response from Mark/Meniscus Audio about ordering plans only (I live in Finland and full kits are too expensive to ship here)  but due to my email problems havent got any further replies from him. If Mark or some other Meniscus audio guy can hear me: Can you send me paypal invoice directly to my other email address? (samuli.korhon (at) gmail.com) ?

Thanks for you time!

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