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New comer

Post by kingfisher224 » Thu Jul 04, 2013 10:52 am

So, just like a newbe, I posted my first comment in the wrong place. LOL...(See welcome & guidelines)
Okay now lets get to the real thing.
I'm here to observe, learn, and hopefully create, something unique and satisfying!
I have a few questions for the seasoned Vets of this forum and ones recognized from other forums also. After creating your newest best work, what do you do with the speakers? I know friends and family benefit, but there must be a market, though small, that would support your efforts! I have a few projects going, mostly boxes and woofers without mated tweets or mids that sit patiently awaiting completion. My worry is my investment as I do not wish to run a deficit...AKA go broke having fun! Aside from buy-outs how does one afford the next dream project!
My LPG mids (I have 2pr.) have been sitting for well over 2 years and only now do I have a plan and $..
Yes it is still a hobby! I know, but some times I need a shot of motivation!!!!!
Shallow pockets!

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Re: New comer

Post by Wolf » Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:52 am

Don't know if many will be able to help with your mids you have chosen, as they are NLA, and to my knowledge were not used a lot by the DIY masses. I do know that I heard a pair of those mids once, and they were xover'd to an old (also NLA) Peerless 831709 at about 1kHz in a sort of 'filler-driver' alignment by Paul Kittinger in his "TriLangle II" project. He didn't allow them much bandwidth in that design, so your app might be quite different.


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Re: New comer

Post by mattsk8 » Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:26 am

It depends on your woodworking skills. For me, I don't really have the time to market any of the stuff I build, and I also think there's a line where if someone is marketing someone else's design for profit, some eyebrows are getting raised and people might get upset; some even have a disclaimer included in their designs that state something along the lines of not using their designs for profit.

I LOVE going to DIY shows, mainly so I can hear new designs, and meet the guys behind the forums; the shows are tons of fun and I highly recommend going!!

As far as going broke goes, I've built the Statements for my dad (he purchased the drivers/xover parts), a pair of Tritrix MTM TLs for my garage that I actually ended up giving to a really good friend of mine because they were just going to get ruined in my garage, a pair of ER18 MTMs for my music system, and I'm currently working on the system for our church's sanctuary, as well as a system for my home theater. I guess the bottom line is, I go broke and mainly work for free :lol: . Just glad the LOML puts up w/ it 8-) .

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