New Paper available on How to Get Accurate Measurements Indo

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Jeff B.
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New Paper available on How to Get Accurate Measurements Indo

Post by Jeff B. » Sun Jan 05, 2014 1:03 pm


At the Loudspeaker Design Workshop in Kokomo on 12/14/13, I presented that the standard method of splicing near-field and far-field data results in a frequency response that is incorrect for what it attempts to present, despite the fact that I see this method detailed in many books and papers.

Since a midwoofer's level at 200Hz is a critical level in crossover design, a new method that results in a more accurate representation of the driver's free-field quasi-anechoic frequency response was needed. Further, I demonstrated that this method results in a quasi-anechoic free-field response that is accurate for the driver on the baffle, in cabinet, down to 10Hz, even though it can be made in your living room. All that is necessary is taking two measurements following the guidelines in my paper and using a new spreadsheet tool developed by Charlie Laub and myself (download links are in the paper).

I have now taken the details from my presentation at the workshop and compiled them into a "White Paper" in pdf format. The paper can be downloaded from my dropbox here:

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Re: New Paper available on How to Get Accurate Measurements

Post by Jeff S. » Sun Jan 05, 2014 5:02 pm

Thank You Jeff. I'll be sure to print this out for future reference.

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