my first day with a mono (soon to be stereo) sb & morel kit

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my first day with a mono (soon to be stereo) sb & morel kit

Post by osd1 » Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:48 pm

hey now

i have a kit that consists of a sb acoustics 6.5" (same as mandolin) only with a morel tweeter.

i built a box for one set of drivers and am running it mono right now (i wouldnt let my cat go outside so he pissed on my other box- so thats in the garbage right now). the morel tweeter is everything i could want in a tweeter. but then again i ran morel supremes (back in my car audio days) and knew that i wouldnt be dissapointed with it.

now i know i just have about 3 hours of play time on them and they arent even broken in- but can i expect warmer midrange from them? i just came off a solid year of listening to audio nirvana's 2.8 ambiance (and 5.6 enclosure) and the midrange was to die for. i remember building one box for the audio nirvana super 10's, running it mono (dont always have time to get em both done at the same time) within the first 5 minutes my jaw dropped at how the midrange was. dont get me wrong, didnt quite work for my death metal and industrial- and crappy recordings sounded terrible, but for jazz and classical the midrange was just the cats butt head. im hoping the sb's will warm up like that.

either way big thumbs up for sb- would have no issue ever ever using one of their drivers in a future build. morel is well- morel. if you go soley by mashups and tests done by others online you might get the wrong idea. but thats for another post...

i cant thank meniscus enough. quick shipping. awesome help. their customer service is second to none.
and jeff bagby is the man- nuff said.

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