11th annual CKY-DIY on 11/11/17...

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11th annual CKY-DIY on 11/11/17...

Post by Wolf » Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:30 pm

Date has just been confirmed! Kinda serendipitous that it's the 11th year and on 11/11, but it should be a good time. It will be at FirstBuild (open 9am-5pm, we're usually out by 4pm) in Louisville, KY, thanks to PETT forum member Tim Gillespie.

We all know this is only 1.5 weeks out, but I feel it's still going to happen and be a good time for those that can swing it. We currently have some things we need to source like speaker stands, and a CD source and preamp. I will be bringing my Crown amp, speaker switch box if needed, speaker cables, and balanced XLR interconnects. If anyone can help and bring the required items, it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm hoping we can order pizza and somebody can pick it up like normal. It's so much easier to stay on site at 1B than to try and all go and come back. You lose sooo much time that way, and we can still listen while we eat this way, whether background, or critical.

I assume there will be a swap meet table as usual, but I need to get Tim's info on that so we can set it up.

1stBuild address:


333 east Brandeis

Louisville, KY 40208

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